20 June 2011

Munster League Rd 1& 2

Date : Sat June 18th 2011

Venue: Laurel Park, Galway

Kevin, John, Breandán, Colm, Evan, Justin, Steven, David
Johanna, Angelica, Orla, Avril

This was the first 2 games in the Munster League 2011. These were both full seven inning games.

Game 1
Game played with very, very windy conditions. Galway was the designated home team for Game 1. Quite a slow start by Galway, after 2.5 innings Core were up 7-0. Big rally in the bottom of the 3rd inning put Galway in the lead 8-7 after 3 innings. amazingly that was to be final runs of the game for either team with the final 4 innings remaining scoreless. Some strong headwinds and good defensive play by both teams kept the score down.

Game 2
Cork designated home for this game. Wind remained strong for this, although it was played in more pleasant sunny weather. Galway ran up a comfortable lead in this, after 5.5 innings, the score was 2-11 in favour of Galway. However Cork were to draw level after 6 innings and the teams went into final inning neck and neck. Galway up first to bat, unfortunately failed to score. Cork then maintained there good batting form, getting there first 3 on base with no outs. So very difficult to defend the run from this situation and they got the winning run with the next batter.

Game 1 Galway 8 v 7 Cork
Game 2 Galway 11 v 12 Cork

Pictures, courtesy of Maciek here

01 June 2011


Thursday June 16, 2011

8:00 pm
Oslo Bar, Salthill
€40 per table

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