30 June 2008

Castleknock Invitational tournament review

Well for the third successive year the Tribes made it to the recreational final and for the third successive year we finished runner-up, although this year we got a runners-up trophy for Kevin's shelf
We started off in usual Tribes fashion losing our first two games, the first against the Shutout 7 Marley's and the second against the Castleknock Wildcats. After two consecutive losses a beer run between games 2 and 3 was needed. As usual it proved to be a success to as we got it together and won the following 3 games, against Belfast Brawlers, The Usual Suspects and the Dublin Bay Packers

The recreational division was to be decided by the top two teams playing off on the final. The league round finished with the Castleknock Wildcats finishing top but there was a three way tie for the other place in the final with ourselves, the Shutout 7's and the Usual Suspects all finishing with 3 wins and 2 losses. To complicate matters further all three teams records against each other was 1 win and 1 loss.

The tournament organisers decided that the only fair way to determine which of the three teams got to play in the final was by a three way coin toss. After a complicated set of rules were played out, Kevin held his nerve and came away from the dreaded coin-toss shootout victorious. We played the Wildcats again, this time for the title. Unfortunately despite a valiant effort by the Tribes we were well beaten in the final, with the score finishing 20-5

Commiserations must also go to Csaba whose Blazzer's lost the final of the competitive competition

Despite the final defeat a great day was had by all and we learned a lot by playing some competitive games. Check out the pictures from the weekend here

Finally we'd like to thanks to the Bearcats for hosting a fantastic blitz

25 June 2008

Tournament update

Unfortunately this year it looks like the MIST is not going ahead plus the IOST is moving to Belfast, so we won't have any tournaments in Limerick this year. So this is what we've got so far, plus Cork will come to Galway at some stage:

28 June Castleknock blitz
19 July Cork, challenge games
27 July Belfast BEST blitz
23/24 Aug IOST Belfast

I realise that Belfast is a bit awkward especially for the 2 day IOST. I just want to get your thoughts on the above and a rough answer by you Yes/No or maybe to see if we can send a team to any of the above. So please can you give us an answer soon as you can. Also any other thoughts on this would be appreciated.


20 June 2008

Squad for the Castleknock Bearcats Invitational

The squad for the 'Galway Tribes' team traveling to Dublin next weekend is as follows

Kevin (c)Angelica
 Suzanne L

We only have 10 traveling so if there's anyone else that wants to come along you're more than welcome to join us

18 June 2008

Galway Tribes Pub

Kevin Doyle found a pub called The Galway Tribes when he was in Chicago last month

Our solicitors are currently negotiating with the aforementioned establishment for a leasing agreement between us and the pub for them to use our name!!!

If anyone's in Chicago be sure to check it out

2008 Player Registration - Final Call

This is the last reminder for anyone who hasn't registered for this year to let Kevin know asap that you will be registering. The tournaments are starting soon and we need all players registered to be insured. Send in your details if you want to be registered (name, dob and contact number)

It's important that we have everyone's contact details in case training is canceled as if it is everyone will be notified by text and email

The registration fee covers insurance, ISA fees and general upkeep of the club and the fees for 2008 are as follows
Returning Members €40
New Members €30

11 June 2008

New blog mailing list

I've setup a new mailing list for the blog, just enter your email address in the box below and click subscribe to sign up. If there is an update you'll get an email if not you won't.

Note that this is seperate to the regular mailing list. This list is for blog posts only and it does not affect the regular list in any way.

Enter your email address:

09 June 2008

Munster Marauders update

Last weekend the Munster Marauders played in the Diamond Series Tournament in England, below is Hildegard's report on how they got on

"Here's some short story about last weekend.
We entered in the A-Comp, so we were playing the most serious teams there are in Britain (or at least in England), among them the current european-club-champions.
We could and we should have done better.
During the group-stage we lost all our games, 8 all together. We had a pretty solid defence even so we weren't playing as a team twice a week or even more often. It was the batting that could have needed some boost...
We got hammered once and lost another game by 6 runs. All other games we lost we lost by one run only. But it's rather encouraging to know that we can stand up to the best.
Sunday afternoon we had to play a placement game as well, which we won by one run.
Weather was great, 25 centigrade and sunshine all day... They must have made a fortune in cold drinks and ice-cream.

But we enjoyed ourselves, had good fun and learned a lot."

05 June 2008

Tournament updates

1. Castleknock Sat 28th June. We have 11 people so far hopefully, could do with 2 or 3 more, let me know if you are interested as soon as possible. This is a one day tournament, would say that most people will travel up early on Sat and maybe stay Sat night.

2. Cork, July 19th. We hope to send a team down to Cork for that weekend. Again we will travel in the morning to get there for 12pm. The plan would probably be to stay in UCC apartments which are central and cheap and have night out with the Cork guys Sat night. Let me know as soon as you can if you wish to go to this.

3. MIST is still a possiblity, will keep you all up to date on the progress of this.

4. IOST 23/24 August, still no announcement about venue, we've heard rumours of Belfast.


04 June 2008

Change of feed address

For anyone subscribed to the RSS feed we will be changing the feed address to use FeedBurner.

To continue to subscribe to this blog's feed change your feed address to this as the existing feed will be disabled soon

Munster Marauders

The Munster Marauders are heading to the UK this weekend to compete in the Diamond Series tournament and for those of you that don't already know Hildegard was selected for the Munster Marauders squad earlier this year.

I'll post more info about how the Marauders got on as I get it.

We would like wish Hildegard and the all the Marauders the best of luck this weekend

Tournament rumours

There's currently a rumour that the guys in Limerick may have found an alternative venue for MIST, they're looking in to hosting it a little closer to us in Ennis. We have Johanna to thank for suggesting the alternative venue

Its also rumoured that the IOST will take place in Belfast, it's not ideal for us but as its only a rumour we won't worry about it just yet!