17 September 2008

Provisional Winter Schedule

Only about half of the questionnaire's have been completed yet its pretty clear that almost everyone would like to get together and play a game every few weeks over the winter (weather permitting of course). I have come up with a provisional schedule below that will give us a game every 5 weeks or so.

Saturday 4 October
Saturday 8 November
Saturday 13 December (we might try to have drinks after too!)

I'd appreciate it if you can get back to me asap if you intend on playing in October. You can pencil in the other dates but they are very, very provisional at the moment.

If you are going to play on October 4th please let me know that you'll be around and which day suits best (or if both days are ok). Right now the game is set for 12.30 on Saturday. I'll be sending another mail closer to the time but the more advanced notice the better!

We won't be doing any training so we do need numbers to be able to play a game, if I don't get at least 12 confirmation's I'll call the game off or try to reschedule for another weekend. Even though we'll just be playing a game don't be afraid to bring new people along.

15 September 2008

2008 MVP Award Winners

The 2008 Galway Softball MVP winners are as follows

Female: Orla Conroy
Male : John McGreevy

We had a total of 18 people who voted, which was pretty much everyone that was around this year. It was a pretty close run contest in both categories with only 2 votes the difference in the male vote and 3 in the female. The more people that vote in this award the fairer it is so thanks to all of you who did vote.

If you get a few minutes some time soon don't forget to fill out our end of year questionnaire. Its your chance to have a say in how to improve the club.

Click on the image to see the rest of the pictures from the night.

12 September 2008

End of Season Questionnaire

If you have a few minutes some time soon we'd like you to fill out our end of year questionnaire. There are a few questions we'd like responses too and there are a lot of good ideas in the club that we need to capture.

By doing things this way everyone gets to have their say and we can keep track of things.

Click here to fill it out, it shouldn't take any more than 10 minutes to complete.

04 September 2008

End of the Season Party and MVP awards

End of the Season Party and MVP awards
(rousing cheer in the background)

Friday September 12, 2008


As the bowling alley is closed the rough plan is as follows.

6:30pm - Monroes, for pizza/food/drink
c8:30pm - Bierhaus
Later - Massimos

Awards will be presented in Bierhaus around 9pm.

So hope to see you at some stage on the night.

03 September 2008

2008 MVP Nominations

The nominations for this years MVP are as follows, if you're eligible to vote this year then you have already been notified. Voting is open now and closes at midday on Thursday 11 September so get your votes in now.