21 June 2010

Tribes v Expendables - Match Report

Tribes 15 v Expendables 21

Line Score:
Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R

Exp 1 3 4 2 4 1 6 21

Tribes 3 4 4 1 0 1 2 15

The Squads:

P Kevin
C Inge/Ronan
1 Majbritt
2 Angelica
3 Breandán
SS Colm
OF Fionnan
OF Roberto
OF Marta
OF Jacinta

P Simon
C Sandra
1 Johanna
2 Catherine
3 Andrew
SS Diarmuid
OF Graham
OF Rob
OF Orla
OF Gemma

Apologies from Expendables players who intended to play (Liam(injured), Flo, Chris).

This game was a full 7 inning game with no-count on the batter. As this was going to be a lengthy game it was important that we had everyone in time. Thanks to everyone for showing up on time and we managed to get going a few minutes after 7pm. The conditions were pretty good, warm, no wind to speak of but a bit humid. The Tribes won the toss and elected to field first. The Tribes got off to the better start and were not headed for the first 4 innings. After 4 the score was 12-10 in the Tribes favour. The tide start to turn in the 5th with the Expendables scoring 4 and shutting out the Tribes. The next inning both teams scoring the 1 run, setting up for a tense last inning. Expendables left it till this to start really score to get 6 in this one, leaving the Tribes with a lot to do, too much as it happened, they could only mange 2 in the last. So all in all a very good game, lots of good plays, not too many errors. Defintely something we will try to do again soon.

16 June 2010

Galway Tribes v "The Expendables"

Date: Wed June 16th @7pm
Venue: Training Grounds at Laurel Park.

This will be a challenge match against a team which will include former players who will make it for the game and also non-Galway based players. This will be in place of training on this date. Please reply to us here as soon as you can to confirm so we can make sure of numbers and announce the squads. For the Tribes team, training regulars and those who reply early will get first preference, so please respond.

    • Please try to be there at about 6:30 if you can to warm up and ensure we start on time. Game scheduled to start at 7pm exactly.
    • The squads below contain 12 players each, if we have this we will sub players during game, everyone will get a game.
    • Game will be a full 7 innings game with no count on the batter.
    • Teams can play 6-4 or 5-5 split between guys/girls. If playing 6-4 must be male catcher.
    • Must be at least 2 girls in outfield.
    • Mercy rule of 10 runs will apply to all but the final inning.
    • In the event of tie, sudden death extra innings will be played. (teams start with 1 out, last batter out will start on second base, batters will start with a 1-1 count against them.)
    • Hopefully afterwards then the celebrations can continue with a few drinks at the Bierhaus.

    04 June 2010

    National Championships Playoffs

    The National Championship Playoffs

    Following consultation with the team managers at the 2010 Captain's meeting, Softball Ireland is delighted to announce The National Championship Playoffs.

    The winners of each regional league (Leinster, Munster, and Ulster) will compete in a playoff tournament at the end of the season, with the winners being crowned National Champions and earning the opportunity to represent Ireland in the European Club Cup in 2011.

    The National Championship Playoffs is a tremendous step forward for softball in Ireland and acknowledges the growth and development of softball throughout the country.

    Until now it has been the winners of the Leinster League that has represented Ireland in the European Cup (with Dodder Dynamoes competing as defending European Champions and Batpak as Leinster League Champions this season in Ljubljana, Slovenia in August).

    The SI Byelaws have been updated to reflect the set up and management of the new playoff tournament. A copy of the Byelaws can be viewed by clicking here.

    03 June 2010

    Munster League

    See provisional fixtures and details below. This will include 5 teams. Each playing twice (2 games on same day). So there will be 4 dates for us.

    See current fixtures list and details below. See here for up to date information and fixtures.