20 May 2009

Galway Softball Open Day June 10th

If you're interested in playing softball with us in Galway then come along to our open training session on June 10th. If you don't know what softball is but would like to find out then come along and we'll show you.

June 10th is the open day where we're aiming for as many of the new people that have already expressed an interest to come along and let us show you what its all about. The 10th is just our open day you can start coming to our training sessions at any time, the schedule is on the panel on the right side of this blog.

Softball is the co-ed, slower and more sociably paced version of baseball. A note tho the ball itself is not soft, in fact its quite hard! See more information on softball in Ireland here.

The second (and most important part) of training takes place in the Bierhaus immediately after training every Wednesday