09 October 2008

Revised Winter Schedule Update

As we didn't get play last Saturday we are going to try to reschedule the winter games and add a bit of redundancy in case there's a last minute cancellation again (we're never going to be able to predict the weather anyway!!)

Apologies to those who only got word of the cancellation late, we tried our best to keep the game going but there were too many last minute weather related withdrawals to go ahead with it.

We're now going to try for Saturday the 1st of November for our next game. We'll keep the original November date (8th) as a backup in case we can't get enough people for the 1st or if we have to cancel again for whatever reason.

As usual let us know if you intend coming so we can call it off or fall back on the second date if we need to. I won't email about this again until closer to the time but I'll update this post with numbers etc so keep an eye on this post for more up to date info. Feel free to let everyone know you're coming by using the comments below too.

We'll work out the December game closer to the time, probably the 6th or the 13th.

And while I still have your attention don't forget about our end of year questionnaire!!