15 July 2013

Castleknock Blitz 2013 - Plate Winners

Well played "Galway Tribes 2" in winning the plate competition at the annual Castleknock Blitz. Also well done to the "Galway Tribes" in almost qualifying for cup final and the host team the "Bearcats" for winning the cup.

Also a big thanks to Johnny & Jan from the "Thunderbolts" for playing with us, you played a big part in us winning.

The Winning Squad (Galway Tribes 2)
Kevin D, Breand├ín, Colm,  Michael, Sean C, Johnny*, Nigel**
Jacinta, Orla, Jan*, Alyse**

Galway Tribes Squad
Simon, Martinus, Sean L, Rob, Kevin F, Turlough, Nigel**
Angelica, Alyse**, Aoife

*Thunderbolts player
**As we were one short altogether for the two teams, played with both during day