17 May 2010

Flyers Invitational Blitz 2010 Review

Flyers Invitational Blitz
Dublin Airport
Sunday May 16th 2010

Simon, John H, Roberto, Diarmuid, Kevin, Joe, Liam, Justin, John McG
Angelica, Marta, Orla, Suzanne, Ruth

The tournament consisted of 12 teams overall, 10 from Dublin, 1 from Galway and 1 from Belfast. This was split into 2 groups of 6 played in a round robin format. The top 2 teams from each group would then participate in the semi-finals, subsequent winners to final.

Group Stages:
Everything started very well by shutting out the "Blazzers" a team which would have expected to beat us. Followed this with a narrow defeat to the "Flyers" a game we let slip towards the end and probably should have won it. Next a pretty close game against "Belfast" in which we survived a bit of fight back to hold on for the win. The "Oddsox" failed to field a team and all other teams in group got a walkover for this game.

Last group game was against "Marlay 1", potentially the strongest team in the group. Got off to a flying start and were 10-1 up after 1.5 innings. Marlay got their act together with the bat and pretty much demoralised the team with a 19 run second inning.

This left us with a 3-2 win/loss record. Both "Belfast" and "Blazzers" had identical record but as a result of Galway beating both of these teams we progressed to the semi-finals as group runners up. Here we were drawn against "TwoPak" (mix of Batpak and Packers) who had not lost all day thumping most of the teams. This turned out to be a bit of a learning curve for us and we were never in this game. "Twopak" went on to thrash "Marlay 1" in the final.

So all an all a good and a pretty respectable performance all day with some fine wins during the day. Well done to all who took part.

Results & Table(note some scores may not be accurate):

Group Stages:
Game 1 - Galway Tribes 10 v 0 Blazzers
Game 2 - Galway Tribes 5 v 6 Flyers
Game 3 - Galway Tribes 8 v 5 Belfast
Game 4 - Galway Tribes w/o Oddsox
Game 5 - Galway Tribes 10 v 23 Marlay 1

Semi Final - Galway Tribes 2 v 25 TwoPak

Group Table

Marlay 1541.800

Thanks also to Roberto for some fine pictures of the tournament here.